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There's this really cool dude, ok? He's standing around being all chill, like cool dudes are known to do sometimes. A cool dude like this probably has a real cool name. But he probably wouldn't just tell you what it was if you asked. He'd be way too busy for that. Busy being totally sweet. But you could always try to guess his name. And if you were right, he might nod ever so slightly. That's a cool dude's way of letting you know there might just be hope for you yet.

> Enter name.

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Posted at 1:04pm on November 17th - 129 NOTES
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(watching a horror movie under the comfort of a cozy blanket)

JOHN : dave

JOHN : dave? what is he doing? do you think he’s gonna gget killed? fuck, look, he’s ther-


JOHN : what the fuck was that scream

JOHN : it wasn’t even that scary!

((imagine the most manly high pitched scream ever))

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